These are the guidelines for submission of Research proposals for it to be accepted by the Research Ethics Secretariat.

(1) The Research proposal must be properly titled, paginated and have the name(s) and qualifications of the Researcher (s) and be signed by at least one supervisor, if it is supervised work.

(2) The Research proposal must have at least the following areas clearly stated:-

(a) Introduction (not more than 3 pages), statement of the problem, objectives, significance, as well as scope and limitations of the study.

(b) Literature Review (between 5-7 pages)

(c) Appropriate methodology section, including Research design, target population, sampling technique, sample size and instrument of data collection.

(d) Consent form section consisting of information sheet, consent and where relevant assent forms.

(e) Relevant references.

(3) Letter requesting for ethical approval must be typed and signed by the applicant.

(4) Submission of three (3) spiral banded copies and an electronic copy (CD) of the proposal.

(5) You are required to pay a non refundable processing fee to FNPH-REC as follows:-

(a) Under graduate research and professional development purposes N5,000.00

(b) Msc N7,500.00

(c) PHD N10,000

(c) Appropriate fee is applicable to sponsored/pharmaceutical company researches.

(6) Note:- for all student researches, there should be a letter of introduction/confirmation from the supervisor who will take responsibility for the study.

(7) After the above step, processing of your proposal commences and the 4-weeks turnover time of review process is from this time.

(8) Please note; if procedure 1-7 is not duly followed, it may hinder appropriate processing of your proposal.

Research proposals should be submitted to Ethics and Hospital Research Committee (Virtual and Printed copy).